Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bonus Goal!

I've also decided to be a very active participant in my mother's community garden. (Community actually just means that she and her husband do all the work and everyone else around them reaps the benefits). I've started planning a layout and list of veggies we should grow.  Ken also wants to start an herb garden. His ground is much too rocky to grow much.

We've already planned on 200lbs of red potatoes. One row each of zucchini and cucumber. I want carrots. In the past, broccoli was very small, but still tasted fine. Hopefully I can convince them to do that too. Everyone enjoys a good fried green tomato, so I'm thinking two rows of those too.

There is this awesome site I found that lets me change around the layout and whatnot. They also have blueberry bushes, a pear tree and an apple tree. Raspberry and blackberry bushes are all over in the woods surrounding their house, so I'm hoping for some homemade pies this year...mmmm.

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