Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goals 1 & 2

Goal 1: Finishing Things With Meaning

Is it going to mean anything if I finish crocheting that baby blanket for a child entering kindergarten? Not really. Unless that kid wants to give it to her doll...

That's what I mean by finishing things with meaning. I fell in love with scrapbooking awhile ago. (For some's like the most time consuming and expensive hobby I could've chosen) I have three of them sitting around that only have a few pages left and I want to finish them. I enjoy going through and thinking about the memories. But that enjoyment is ruined when I get to a blank page with a post it that says "ferry ride."

I also have a few other projects that are half-assed and they stare at me while I sleep. I step over them. I move them around to do other things. Why don't I just sit down and finish them instead? I wish I knew. But I'm going to try.

I also have a very strange issue with closure on TV shows. There are so many shows that I've dedicated hours and hours of my time to watching only to not watch the last couple episodes or season. This is a long list, so I will spare you the details until I finish them. I have a very long Netflix queue and I hope to whittle it down to less than 100...God willing.

Goal 2: Start A Savings Plan

I am terrible at saving money. Like, terrible doesn't even really begin to describe how bad I am at it. I want to do things that are fun. I want to be able to go to Greece and I want to buy a house eventually. I already put a small amount from each paycheck into a savings account, but it's not really helping me get anything accomplished. I always use half my tax return to pay off some debt and the other half goes into savings...

That is, it goes there until I come up with something better to do with the money. Like splurge at the mall. Thus, I looked around on Pinterest, and there were a lot of posts about a 52-week savings plan.  I haven't started yet, but I haven't even been paid this year yet so that is my excuse. This is the general idea:

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