Saturday, January 3, 2015

Goals 3 & 4

Goal 3: Declutter

I have a problem. I keep everything. Bought a soda from work three months ago. Don't believe me? I have the receipt to prove it! I have birthday cards from 2004. I don't know why. But I do. SO. I decided to get rid of all that stupid paper that's just sitting around taking up space. I just move it from one side of my desk to the other. I got a shredder for $4 on clearance. Time to make it work. Also, I just basically have shit everywhere. I'm lazy. I'll say it. That's always the first step to fixing your problems: admitting that you have one.

My car looks like a garbage can. Soda bottles, receipts, socks, take-out God it's a disaster. Need a ride? Too bad. Unless you can contort to the size of my purse and ride in there. My excuse right now, is that I don't want to clean out my car in the subzero temperatures where after a couple minutes I can't feel or bend my fingers, even in gloves.  (And let's be honest, watching American Horror Story while wrapped up in a fleece blankey is just way more fun)

Both my house and my car are way too embarrassing to post "before" photos until I get to the "after." It'll be like you aren't even looking at the same things.

I'm also attempting to keep my email below 100 emails/day. I'm subscribed to so many stupid things because stores insist on emailing you every ten minutes about deals. I've been to your store once, to buy a candy bar while waiting for my shopping companion to finish.

Goal 4: Focus on Health

I don't want to say "lose weight!" because that is a surefire way for me to fail. I want to eliminate the fast food during work. Maybe take my own food, leftovers, etc. I want to eat breakfast everyday to give my slower than molasses metabolism a quick boost and I won't binge at lunch time. I want to eat snacks throughout the day when I feel hunger - string cheese, apples, nuts - to prevent binging also.

I want to do yoga at LEAST three times a week. Every day would be amazing, but again, I'm lazy. I need to start small.

Some other things I want to do:
  • floss more
  • walk more (park further away from the door of places)
  • see a doctor when I feel deathly ill***
  • lower soda intake (god that's a toughy)
  • take my medication on schedule

***You would think this is common sense...I avoid doctors like you wouldn't even imagine. I don't know why, but my pulse races and I feel like I will vomit when I'm in the waiting room. I love my doctor, there's nothing wrong with's nothing like that. I'm just crazy.

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