Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Week 1 Decluttering Update

It's Wednesday, so how about a midweek update on the goings on around here. So far the challenge has been kitchen drawers (and today is sink area, but....ugh).

Our silverware drawer came pre-sectioned so we don't really have a problem keeping up with that. The other drawer though...Christ. We should've just thrown it all away and started over. I found a patching kit for an inner tube I had back when I was like 12. Empty battery box! Wahoo. I put some loose batteries in a small basket and that's about all that I could do. Threw out the trash and just made it look somewhat presentable, assuming you don't pull the drawer out the full way.

Anyway, the sink area. Ever see Hoarders? We never do dishes...we will wash the dish/pan/fork that we need in the moment, but yeah...That's going to take me longer than anything else.

Side rant:

I have a problem. It's called e-hoarding. Seriously. At nearly any given moment I have over 50 emails in my inbox (except right now cause I did a super purge).

If I'm in a store, and they ask for my email, I usually give it and just pretend like I don't know it's going to clutter up my inbox. Then four days later when I have 124 emails from that store about a sale that I will never go to, I get aggravated for signing up. Hell, the company I work for sends probably ten per day. I know that this stupid thing is on sale...I sell it. I'm probably the one who stocked the shelves. Oh! Coupon for this thing the warehouse sent us 2 of and we sold out on the first day of the sale. Thanks! I'll file that in the 'pointless shit' folder.

I probably have over 400 emails in my "archive." Cause, I mean, yeah I'll totally need that e-receipt for the soda I bought at K-Mart in 2010, but I don't want to actually see it in my inbox. Spam folder? Yeah, I'll get on that some day....after 30 days I think it empties itself. So why bother?

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